New tractors in 2020

New tractors in 2020

In 2020, despite the difficult operating conditions, the crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, the global agricultural machinery industry maintained its growth momentum, continuing to effectively develop in various directions.

New items on the tractor market this year were presented by several brands and manufacturers with a worldwide reputation.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S

The new Massey Ferguson MF 8S machines are equipped with high-performance and fuel-efficient 6-cylinder, 7.4-liter AGCO Power engines ranging from 205 to 260 hp, meeting Stage V emission standards.

The series includes 4 models: MF 8S.205, MF 8S.225, MF 8S.245 and MF 8S.265. Tractors provide maximum power at minimum rpm, performing high-quality and uninterrupted work in optimal mode. The engines have high efficiency, allow them to develop maximum power and torque at a low crankshaft speed, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%. Depending on the equipment, the MF 8S is fitted with a new transmission in the following modifications: Dyna-7, Dyna E-Power (dual clutch gearbox) or Dyna-VT. The lifting capacity at the rear hitch, in comparison with the previous generation, is increased by 7% and is up to 10 tons.

Valtra серии G

Valtra has presented four new models at once with power from 100 to 140 hp: Valtra G 105 with 105 hp; Valtra G 115 115 hp; Valtra G 125e Eco Power with 125 hp; Valtra G 135 135 hp

In addition, the equipment has a number of trim levels: Hightech, Active and Versu. Valtra says Generation 5 tractors should be the world’s best front loader machines

John Deere 6210М

New tractors John Deere 6210M are equipped with 6.8-liter engines with 210 hp. The equipment received a new cab design, as well as new sound insulation. Three transmission options are available for tractors: mechanical and semi-automatic PowrQuad and AutoQuad, and automatic CommandQuad Plus. All tractors can be equipped with StarFire 6000 Satellite Receiver, 4240 or 4640 GreenStar Monitors, SF3, RTK and SF1 High Precision Correction Services using AutoTrac.

New Holland T4 V/N/F

The T4 V / N / F series machines have received a new Terraglide front axle suspension, increased ground clearance and Anti-Dive / Squit stabilization function. T6.160 series machines – Dynamic Command transmission with dual clutch and 8-speed 24×24 gearbox.